Thursday, November 7, 2013

If a tree blogs in the forest, does anybody read it?

So, I'm on day 6 of blogging for NaBloPoMo. It's difficult to come up with stuff to write about on a daily basis, especially for a blog that has a very focused subject, and also since I spend my mornings writing stuff for other people.  

I started this blog out of the desire to write about my hobby, to complain about the doldrums of training, to share the mistakes I've made along the way, to revel in my achievements, and to put my thoughts down in a forum that (ideally) people with similar interests will read and relate to.

So that's not working out too well.  Based on my visitor stats, it looks as if the only folks that read my blog are the ones that have had it thrown in their faces on their Facebook feeds.  

I wrote a blog several years ago, back in the early days of blogging, and even without the "benefits" of social media and social networking, I quickly and rather surprisingly found myself with a small but loyal following of readers.  I never had to share or post or tweet or hashtag anything, and still they found my posts, and commented on them.  Ideas were exchanged, debates were had, and even some friendships were forged.  Folks sent me trinkets in the mail, birthday cards, books for me to review on my site, it was surreal and fun.

I stopped writing that blog when it became all-consuming, when all I thought about was the next day's post and how I could amuse, confuse, or flabbergast the few readers I had.  And when I decided to blog again, I had a few starts and quick stops, kind of afraid to put myself out there again.  And then I landed here.

I'm not looking for a huge army of followers, I'm not looking to benefit financially from my blog (although, if there is a bike company out there that would like me to promote their brand all over this place, I'm ALL YOURS, just send me a size medium all-carbon tri bike. Thanks!).  I'm just a little shocked at how much different the blogosphere is now.  Social media lives under the guise of bringing us closer together, and making it easier to network and promote yourself, but it really just opened the gates to a flooded market of bloggers looking to be the Dooce or Pioneer Woman or Swim Bike Mom.  And it ain't like that.  Capturing lightning in a bottle is too difficult.  And the landscape is all watered down with everyone doing the same thing as I am.  Ultimately, I am not on this blog for anyone but me.

How about a little experiment?  If you read this post, please leave me a comment.  Let me know you are out there!  Tell me you like my blog, tell me you think I'm obnoxious, just let your presence be known!  Thankyouverymuchandhaveaniceday!

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  1. I read it, and your right, the whole blog atmosphere has changed, it has lost its "family" atmosphere